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Mon, 17 June 2019
Lose yourself in the midst of nature, savor the subtle pleasure of the thrill, experience an adventure or immerse yourself in a wild environment ... this is also a holiday! There are those who are not satisfied with a lazy and relaxing holiday (and I confess that I am one of those ...) but prefer t..

Lose yourself in the midst of nature, savor the subtle pleasure of the thrill, experience an adventure or immerse yourself in a wild environment ... this is also a holiday!

There are those who are not satisfied with a lazy and relaxing holiday (and I confess that I am one of those ...) but prefer to experiment with forms of fun a little more daring and immerse themself in the greenery of the woods with a pioneer spirit.

Feeling like Indiana Jones and trying electrifying experiences is possible, just a stone's throw from La Darbia, thanks to some parks where adventure and nature come together perfectly.

Let's start with the brand new park Le Pigne (the pine cones) just opened on the shores of Lake Orta and already very popular with adults and children who want to try their hand at adrenaline-fuelled activities: several acrobatic routes in fact allow you to literally "fly" through the trees thanks to a system of ropes and lines, Tibetan bridges and walkways, Tyrollean and tilting beams on which to exercise one's balance. A viewing platform, nestled among the treetops, twelve meters high, completes the breathtaking experience.

Another "thrilling" place is the Adventure Park of Lake Maggiore, located in Baveno, right in front of the Borromean Islands: with a fabulous landscape in the background, it is possible to cross Tibetan bridges, pedal, climb, make reckless evolutions and swoop into the water from steep slides. It really feels like being a child again: you play without a care, you get excited, you put yourself to the test together with the whole family thanks to safe facilities and the help of trained staff.

If, however, your passion is animals, I recommend the Safari Park of Pombia, one of the largest zoos in Italy. This is how it works: staying inside your own car or aboard a characteristic little train, you can admire exotic animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, tigers and rhinos that live in freedom, immersed in an uncontaminated natural environment.

In order to attract many visitors there is also an aquarium, a reptile house and a Far West style farm with American bison. For children there is also a riding school to learn how to ride ponies. Moreover, to complete the day, it is also possible to make a stop at the amusement park which offers a Ferris wheel, floating logs and a pirate ship ... I'm sure I have forgotten something, but I think I have given a flavour of the many activities that the Safari Park of Pombia offers its visitors.

The last of my tips is a very beautiful wildlife park called La Torbiera which is located in Agrate Conturbia. It is a protected natural area, a center for the protection of animals at risk of extinction. Inside a wood characterized by alders, birches, chestnut trees and willows, in a wild area that develops around a small lake, you can admire many wild species such as wolves and fallow deer, red pandas and snow leopards, otters, tapirs , cheetahs, deer and roe deer. Native fauna and exotic species are bred and protected in an environment where the watchword is ecology.

This park is indeed a true naturalistic oasis suitable for those who love to immerse themselves in a wild environment, far from chaos, smog and technological devilry.

If your ideal holiday includes an unbridled and somewhat crazy, wild and primitive experience, looking for contact with the most authentic nature, then the parks that I have reported to you are for you! With a single unshakable certainty: tranquility and quiet await you, at the end of the day, in our beloved La Darbia.

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